NexRX licenses easy-to-remember phone numbers and matching domain names for a variety of healthcare marketing campaigns.

The healthcare decisions consumers face are becoming increasingly complex—and so are the marketing campaigns that target them. We can simplify yours with our memorable toll-free numbers and matching domain names, making it easy for your consumers to find the information they need.

We speak your clients’ language

Our numbers and domain names include common condition-related acronyms or descriptions that immediately resonate with consumers, such as: | 833-MY-TYPE-2

Help your campaign stand out with popular niche phrases. Learn more about How It Works.

We help a wide range of healthcare marketers

Our phone and domain name solutions can support:

  • Clinical Trial Researchers
  • Disease Awareness Advocates
  • DTC Product Marketers
  • Pharma and OTC Marketers
  • Physician and Hospital Marketers

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Explore NexRX

  • Online Portal for Real-time Call Activity & Reports
  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Call Recordings
  • Call Whispers
  • Notifications
  • Smart Routing
  • Interactive Voice Response Menus (IVR)
  • Text Messaging Toll-Free Numbers
  • Integration with your Marketing or Attribution Software
  • HIPAA & HITECH Compliance

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We create measurable results

Our phone and domain name solutions can support:

  • Improved web traffic
  • More meaningful conversations
  • Increased brand preference, and
  • Better overall advertising ROI

Best of all, you can easily track these with your

Online Call Tracking Platform.