Multi-Channel Call Attribution Track all incoming communications back to campaigns and leverage...
Multi-Channel Call Attribution

Multi-Channel Call Attribution

Track your campaign from all angles.

Online & Offline Campaigns

Analyze calls from paid search, online advertising, direct mail, TV, radio, tradeshows, print collateral, and more.

Form Entries

Associate website visitors with click-to-call form entries and simultaneously connect prospects with agents.

Customer Journey

Track the customer’s journey and discover exactly which keywords are driving phone call sales.

Text Messages

Integrate text messaging into your advertising call tracking for faster, more effective communication.

Conversion Tracking Align sales & marketing teams by matching customer conversations...
Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Align sales and marketing teams by matching customer conversations back to campaigns.

When the phone rings, you will know:

  • Caller Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Company
  • Advertising Channel
  • Referring Ad
  • Caller details, including keywords used and website pages viewed
ROI Reporting Discover which campaigns are driving leads and revenue...
ROI Reporting

ROI Reporting

A variety of reporting methods tell you which campaigns are driving leads and revenue.

Online Advertising Reports

Review in-depth analytics about your online advertising campaigns, including metrics from Google AdWords, Bing, Display, and SEO. Our online advertising reports also give you insight into call scoring and conversion tracking, helping you measure campaign effectiveness and revenue attribution.

Filter reports to show calls based on:

  • Referring landing page
  • Referring URL of who sent the caller to you
  • Advertising Channel
  • AdWords Campaign
  • Adgroup
  • Advertisement
  • Keywords
  • Search Query
  • Ad Position

Traditional Advertising Reports

These reports provide analytics on which traditional channels, like print, TV, and radio, are generating the most calls and sales. Call scoring and conversions allow you to monitor revenue based on channel as well.

You can also review detailed information about each caller, including their location, gender, address, and history with your company.

Filter reports to show calls based on:

  • Advertising Channel
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Status
  • Gender
  • Receiving number
  • Tracking number
  • Agent who took the call
  • Length of call and status of call (missed, answered, busy, etc.)
Mobile Call Tracking NexRX's platform provides all the tools you need to tie mobile search...
Mobile Call Tracking

Mobile Call Tracking

Our platform provides all the tools you need to tie mobile search and website activity to inbound phone calls and sales conversions.

Dynamically display tracking numbers on your mobile site

When the visitor calls the tracking number, that call is mapped back to the exact website session. This allows your agents to immediately see the ad that led the caller to the site, keywords they used to get there, and the pages they have viewed. You can tailor conversations and optimize your ads for the highest-quality calls.

Track calls back to click-to-call ads

We provide you with in-depth performance data about each of your click-to-call ads. With tracking number tied to each ad, you’ll receive features like call recording, caller ID, whispers, caller history, and complex call forwarding that can suit even the largest multi-location organizations.

Seamlessly integrate with Google Adwords and Analytics

You can immediately view calls in Analytics as events and in AdWords as conversions, allowing you to optimize the highest performing ads while maximizing your budget.